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Garmin On The Water Charts

(Compatible with GPSMAP 4XX. 5XX, 6XX, 7XX, 4XXXX, 5XXXX, 6XXXX, 7XXXX  Series Cahrtplotters.)
North America g2Vision Regional Areas
  West Coast United States
Canada g2Vision Regional Areas
Central America - Pacific g2Vision Regional Areas
South America g2Vision Regional Areas
 Garmin Lakes Vision

(Compatible: SD/MicroSD compatible with handhelds that have memory expansion slots and GPSMAP 4XX. 5XX, 6XX, 7XX, 4XXXX, 5XXXX, 6XXXX, 7XXXX  series chartplotters. Garmin Data Cards are compatible with GPSMAP 292, 392, 492, 192c, 198c, 2106, 2110, 2206, 2210, 276c, 278, 298, 306c, 3010c, 3205, 3206, 3210, 376c, 378, 396, 398, 478, 498)
North America g2 (SD and DataCard Formats)
United States

Inland Lake Charts (Basic on DVD)
From small local lakes to large ones, this software contains highly detailed data for lakes in the continental United States. With exceptional detail — including contour lines on most inland lakes, high-definition shoreline, river and creek channels, boat ramps, campgrounds, rivers, streams, tide prediction stations, U.S. Coast Guard aids to navigation, wrecks and obstructions, and general road data — we've packed a lot of information into our all-inclusive DVD or 5 preprogrammed cards.

Inland Lakes Continental USA

Inland Lake Charts (Basic on Pre-Programmed Cards)

Inland Lakes Basic Charts
48 US States Inland Lake Charts on SD/MicroSD

Garmin Lakes Vision Charts
5 Regional Areas SD/MicroSD

Regional Inland Lake Vision Downloads

Trip & Waypoint Manager
This trip planning disk is designed for use with Garmin units that have no built-in map detail or city point database, such as the GPS 12, eTrex, eTrex Summit, Geko 201 and Geko 301. With this simple, affordable disk, you get the benefit of being able to create waypoints and routes on your PC and then download them to your unit. You can also transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from your outing back to your PC for recall at a later date. You will not be able to download map detail to any Garmin GPS using this product.
Trip & Waypoint Manager


Not all countries have gps maping available.
As more maps are released by MapSource for Garmin units we will make them available.